Cathy Jones, BA, LMT, RCST ®

Cathy Jones is a quintessential Colorado Native, who loves the outdoors and all things healthy and

natural. She knew from a young age that she enjoys helping people. Cathy has been a Certified Massage

Therapist since 1998, and earned her certification in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in 2002. Cathy has

completed trainings in Personal Training, Massage Therapy (including nutrition studies), and Advanced

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. She has also done work as a teaching assistant in Craniosacral

Therapy, and pursued continuing education relating to Craniosacral Therapy, including Equine

Craniosacral Therapy, Doula Training, Yoga workshops, and Pre and Perinatal coursework related to the

effects of birth on babies and the human body. She has always been fascinated with the body’s ability to

heal itself, but honors that sometimes we all need a little help finding our way back to center. She has

worked on multiple patient types, from newborns, children on the spectrum and who have Sensory

Processing Disorders, athletes, corporate executives with high stress jobs, elders, and even horses!

Cathy has a very maternal and nurturing presence which helps her clients feel safe and supported

enough to relax, let go, and unwind on an extremely deep level. Although Cathy strives to resolve the

symptoms her clients present with, she understands that such symptoms are often the body’s natural

way of communicating that a deeper problem exists. Therefore, she begins her work at the core, and

moves from the inside out to find the source of a problem and restore the entire system back to its

original health “Blue Print”. Cathy rejects the “no pain, no gain” theory when it comes to therapy, and

strives to find ways of treating her clients without creating additional pain. When working with a

patient, she considers their entire history from birth until present and will be mindful of every trauma,

accident, or injury, her client has ever experienced. She believes it is never too late to heal and that the

body has a natural predisposition to be centered, healthy, and whole.

Cathy is a mother and wife who adores her family. She loves nature and the outdoors, in addition to

gardening, Yoga, running, biking, and Pilates. As an athlete herself, Cathy really enjoys working with

other athletes and understands how to help them prepare for and recover after events, as well as

working with sports related injuries. She feels blessed that she is able to help people for a living, and she

enjoys using her skills and knowledge to help people along their journey to achieving a healthier