Chiropractic is a gentle, holistic approach to health care for your pet which analyzes and treats dysfunction of the spine and joints. Just like chiropractic care for people, animal chiropractic is centered around the nervous system and joint health.

The Nervous System: Consists of the brain, spinal cord, and all nerves that traverse the body. The spinal cord carries nerves that are distributed to every single organ, tissue, and cell of the body.

A misalignment of joints, commonly referred to as intersegmental dysfunction (ISD), adversely alters mobility and nerve function to those areas. When nerve impulses are altered even slightly, normal functioning of organs, tissues, and cells supplied by that nerve are altered. This altered function can lead to a variety of symptoms manifesting, such as pain, disease, fatigue, muscle weakness, balance & proprioception issues, immune suppression, and much more.

Practiced by:
Dr. Elliott Smith
Dr. Stephanie J. Boehm

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