Flat Out happens to be a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy assistance for ladies 18+

Flat Out happens to be a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy assistance for ladies 18+

A Statewide Support Tool For Women Making Imprisonment

Flat-out is actually a state-wide homelessness service and advocacy program for women 18+ (with/without kiddies), who may have had exposure to the illegal fairness and/or imprisonment program in Victoria. Flat Out won’t have casing.

Flat Out as well as its staff include dedicated giving support to the proper, well-being, involvement and empowerment of all of the kids.

Flat-out is a completely independent, perhaps not for revenue, area based organisation that will be handled by and for ladies.

Flat-out are purchased co-creating secure spaces, promoting service and self-determination for people who diagnose as sistergirls, intersex, transgender and/or gender diverse female. We all honor that identity is for the individual to describe, and perform together to ensure those with these identifications tends to be accorded respect and access to all of our assistance and advocacy, and offered ongoing possibilities to notify policies concerning the crossroad of the personal information with experiences of criminalisation.

The Flat Out owners group (Board) welcomes paleness and equivalence by the crucial duties of governance, therapy and management that are underpinned by an in depth collection of standards, regulations and procedures and designate power.

Flat Out receives federal government financial support through the Department of health insurance and people facilities (Victoria), the North Western Melbourne chief Health internet (Commonwealth), and task finances from a variety of root to boost our personal ability to provide innovative and successful treatments, advocacy and public modification. Administration resource is perfect for the reason for supplying individualised service and advocacy for women (with or without young ones) to address homelessness, pill and booze therapy and different various other help and advocacy to address the main reasons behind criminalisation.

Individual funds is definitely elevated through donations, awards and grassroots fundraising for that purposes of smooth Out’s cultural alter and general advocacy get the job done.

Flat Out causes and participates in data and people studies, seeking to advise the wide community regarding the harms that arise for women into the violent fairness system. Flat Out runs immediately with women who may have skilled criminalisation and/or incarceration and improve the overall right and ailments of women in prison. Flat Out will avoid female from gonna imprisonment, and retaining people away jail once they are released.

The ideas and beliefs that underpin apartment Out’s efforts have actually stayed continuous since Flat Out’s inception (1988). Through community engagement, degree and exploration, Flat Out functions toward having a powerful vocals during the imprisonment abolition action in Australia and globally. All of our experience usually fundamentally prisons will be considered ancient, cruel and inadequate organizations. Certainly not unlike the motions to abolish slavery; movements to finish racism; the women’s liberation activity, in addition to the movement to get rid of homelessness. Flat Out seeks to be hired along side different neighborhoods to get rid of all forms of difference and unfairness. We see these motions as adjoined.

We strive to accept our personal obligations to women who are generally criminalised, pals and followers of Flat Out, the larger community and the funders.

Flat Out Beliefs

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s due to the fact very first peoples of Melbourne
  • The organization are manage by & for women
  • Cooperating with women who are criminalised
  • Providing quality assistance services & advocacy
  • Freedom, equality & self-determination
  • Public justice & economic opportunities for those
  • People have the ability to direct safer, violence-free schedules
  • Becoming an element of an action to get rid of criminalisation and imprisonment
  • Working together with the bigger neighborhood toward our very own dream

Our Personal Plans

Women are not criminalised or confined

How will we obtain there

  • We will look after flat-out as an unbiased, not just for profits business.
  • We shall keep your mind engaged on on using women that were criminalised.
  • We’re going to incorporate top quality woman-centred service and advocacy.
  • We are going to supporting lady to find suitable and reasonably priced construction.
  • We will help ladies in their particular journeys to health and well-being.
  • We are going to help ladies to reconnect with kids and area.
  • We’re going to actively advertise efficient alternatives to criminalisation and jail time.
  • We shall contribute and promote successful cultural and endemic changes.
  • We’re going to implement the larger neighborhood towards the dream.