Master of Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diplomate in Acupuncture

Eva Stanley offers a natural, integrative and personalized approach to your health care. Using her unique blend of skills and experience, Eva will design a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and fits your lifestyle. She successfully and effectively combines Oriental Medicine, nutrition and Western testing to clarify your path towards well-being. Her extensive training and certification as a Body Talk Practitioner helped her intuition develop. She applies both insight and functional medicine assessment tools to create a well-rounded, results oriented, approach to your health concerns.

Committed to helping people restore their physical and emotional well-being, she uses a wide array of practices that include bio-energetic medicine, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, cold laser therapy and herbal prescriptions. Her patients appreciate her knowledge and experience and are equally grateful for her gentle and caring bedside manner. One of the specialties that Eva is best known for is bio-energetic medicine. Her skill and experience with the Avatar technology gives patients insight into their health symptoms without any invasive tests.

By testing your body’s bio-energy/acupuncture channels Eva can find and appropriately treat all internal imbalances that are keeping you from being as healthy as you can be. Commonly treated imbalances include: unknown infections, chemical toxicity, poor digestion, liver blockages and adrenal insufficiency. The Avatar machine helps pinpoint the roots of health problems so that Eva can prescribe the necessary supplements to target specific systems and organs. Being results motivated, Eva says, “The Avatar lets us look at symptoms from an angle that is typically not explored by medical doctors. This unique view is particularly valuable when patients have had little or no success finding help or relief from other medical approaches”. Consequently, she has a successful track record in treating patients with digestive disorders, allergies, low energy, depressive and anxious states, lowered immunity, chronic degenerative diseases, and many types of pain.

Eva is also adept with women’s health care, particularly hormonal balancing: treating PMS, offering menopausal relief and helping to restore fertility. In traditional Chinese Medicine the regulation of a woman’s menstrual cycle is crucial for fertility. Eva looks critically at all the phases of a woman’s cycle and works with acupuncture, bio-energetic medicine, herbal formulas, nutritional and emotional health to balance the hormonal cycle. This, in turn, allows a woman’s body to create new life. Her patients also enjoy relief from morning sickness and other associated symptoms of pregnancy. Patients who follow her prescription for regular acupuncture during pregnancy experience greater ease in their labor and delivery and typically recover faster postpartum. She has helped many mothers through postpartum depression. Many women (and their spouses) truly appreciate the relief from the common complaints of PMS like irritability, emotional upset and debilitating abdominal cramping. Hot flashes and night sweating are also relieved by her comprehensive approach.

For acute or chronic pain and sports injuries, Eva uses acupuncture and biopuncture, a therapy that includes gently injecting homeopathic saline solutions in the acupuncture and trigger point sites. Extensive study and training in trigger point therapy (most recently with Whitefield Reeves) enables her to identify the areas of pain and assess which correlated acupuncture channels and muscles elicit a positive trigger point response. Armed with this vital information, she can determine whether a patient will get the most effective relief from acupuncture, biopuncture, cold laser therapy or a combination of all three. Most people experience relief within 24 hours and many feel the pain subside immediately. After three sessions, Eva and her patient evaluate the results and together they decide if further treatments are needed. Eva is trained to recognize structural misalignments that may be causing pain or other symptoms and will refer in house on a case-by-case basis. With the assistance of ACC Chiropractors, Dr. Elliott Smith or Dr. Stephanie Boehm, she may recommend an X-ray or an MRI if necessary to further a successful treatment outcome.
In addition to helping people to regain their health, Eva helps people to retain their youth and vitality. For those who want to slow the aging process, she addresses the biggest internal aging factors: stress, chronic low-grade infections, acidic diet, dehydration, hormonal imbalances and fatty acid depletion. And while weight loss may not be your goal, when you lower stress, clean up your gut and balance your hormones, dropping a few pounds is often an added bonus.

Eva uses all the tools at her disposal to address each person’s health concerns, including lab work and other health experts. She believes in educating her patients so they can take an active role in their healing. She says, “By working cooperatively with my patients, we achieve the best results possible.”