What Is An Ion Spa Footbath Detox?

Bathing your feet in a warm water ionic foot bath is far more than a ‘feel good’ therapy. Mixing sea salt and an electrical current with water, this technology creates a flood of negative hydrogen ions. The best natural example of this is just after a lightning storm or a walk on the beach. It removes toxins through the bottom of the feet via the sweat glands, especially heavy metals, mucous and acid wastes. Thousands of people have found considerable benefits using this technology, claiming it clears up skin, has a positive effect on weight loss, relieves headaches, pain, tension, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, enhances nutrient absorption, increases energy and removes heavy metals. An ionic foot bath is relaxing, safe and energizing. The resulting toxic discharge from your first foot soak may cause you to ask, “why haven’t I done this before?”