I have been a patient at Alternative chiropractic for 6 years. They are all great, caring professionals. They take great care of me and both of my kids. I can't recommend them enough. Excellent! ~ Sharon

Eva Stanley has changed my life.  She has told me what I was allergic to and because I am avoiding a lot of food.  About 50 lbs worth.  Thank you Eva you are amazing at what you do. ~Jill

After years of antibiodics for sinus infections, I am antibiodic-free, and working with Dr. Elliott to address previously unknown food allergies that allergists had overlooked.  Working with the Avatar has been amazing, and totally substantiated by blood tests.  Relief from aches & pains via cold laser therapy, chiro adjustments, Thai massage by Josh, and acupuncture by Eva have been a substantial improvement in quality of life.  The front desk does handsprings to accommodate schedules and personal needs, something lacking in so many offices. ~ Anonymous

I've been a patient of Dr. Elliott Smith's for over 9 years - for multiple issues.  I switched to alternative medicine after years and years of being told by western medicine docs that my symptoms were "all in my head".  Turns out they were dead wrong.  Dr. Smith, Eva Stanley, Carissa Macklin, and Dr. Woods have all provided excellent, professional care that has taken my level of health from yuck to yay! They also took care of my elderly mother and I can say that, without a doubt, they not only increased her longevity, but her quality of life as well. ~Linda

A friend of mine recommended Eva about 1 1/2 years ago.  I had been going to medical doctors for about a year for problems with memory, sluggishness, difficulty concentrating and focusing and significant fatigue. My docs FINALLY identified a B12 deficiency but wanted (as usual) to treat the symptom rather than determine what caused this.  Using the AVATAR, Eva identified a number of issues but the primary was dietary.  Besides changing my diet, Eva recommended supplements that had me feeling better within days.  Within 2 weeks, I felt significant relief from all of the symptoms that had plagued me for over 2 years!  

Currently, I check in with Eva to maintain my good health but also to help with problems that might come up.  I really believe that Eva gave me back my life!  Thank you, Eva! ~ Lisa

Dr. Elliott has been helping me manage my migraines for many years now.  When I first came to Alternative Chiropractic, I was suffering from chronic migraines (more than 15 per month) and with a combination of chiropractic adjustments and supplements, I have been able to lower that number significantly.  What I find to be so remarkable about Dr. Elliott is that he never gives up trying to help me get better.  My case is complicated as many factors impact my migraines (hormones, thyroid, neck issues) and Dr. Elliott's has had incredible patience in addressing all of these issues. I have also seen Dr. Eva for acupuncture and for Avatar and I think she is wonderful.  She is a very caring practitioner. I also appreciate Christine as she juggles the phone, filling supplement orders, and keeping the practitioners on schedule.  I am a huge fan of ACC! ~Alice

I have been seeing Eva since the beginning of 2013.  Using Avatar, Eva was able to pinpoint the cause of my symptoms that very first visit.  Eva was able to offer natural solutions to my ailments instead of having medications prescribed which is something I did not want.  Not only do I feel 100% better than when I walked through their door, I know I am in the best hands with someone who truly cares about my well being.  I have never received better treatment from a facility or provider and am grateful that I was referred to this practice.  Eva is a true professional and Christine at the front desk is absolutely the best.  I plan on staying with Alternative Chiropractic for my care and would recommend Alternative Chiropractic to anyone! ~Sherry

Our entire family of 5 has been seeing Dr. Elliott for 9 years now!  He has seen us through broken bones, pulled muscles, hormonal imbalance, allergies, nutritional needs, colds, flu, physical therapy, laser work and chiropractic adjustments.  He is truly a miracle worker and his Avatar analysis is spot on.  We also see Josh for Thai massage & he is amazing.  Eva is a master at acupuncture, needling and homeopathic muscle injections.  Christine at the front desk is phenomenal.  We feel so blessed to have found this practice full of caring practitioners with such high levels of expertise in their respective fields.  Put simply...Alternative Chiropractic rocks!!! ~Kd

I was recommended to Dr. Aaron at Alternative Chiropractic by a friend.  I'd had chronic tendonitis after a hip replacement, and after two years of trying everything from PT to cortisone injections to massage, my friend thought cold laser therapy was worth a try.  

It's a long drive from Summit County, and cold laser requires multiple treatments, but it's been well worth it.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have discovered Alternative Chiropractic and Dr. Aaron.  First of all, Dr. Aaron exudes warmth, caring and enthusiasm and you can truly tell he's interested in you as a patient.  He simply loves what he does, and making you better is a priority, whether it's one visit or twenty.  The treatments were also incredibly reasonable, and after spending years with various doctors and therapies (sometimes wondering if shrinking my wallet may have been their primary goal) I was actually shocked at the affordability.  I did a series of five cold laser treatments, and they truly did help in reducing the inflammation.  Dr. Aaron also found that my pelvis was out of alignment, which was something the doctors and therapists hadn't identified.    

With four hip surgeries in less than five years and a history of overproduction of scar tissue, Dr. Aaron was also the first to suggest that I may need to explore the possibility of RA or other inflammatory or autoimmune disease.  I told Dr. Aaron that I'd been tested for this before, but the blood test came back negative.  He explained to me how RA works and how the tests work and got me back on track with exploring this possibility again.  I had a serious discussion with my hip doctor and he was in full agreement that RA is most likely the underlying cause of my chronic condition, but I'm not sure if this discussion would have come about without Dr. Aaron entertaining the idea first.  Hopefully, I can now address the underlying problem of my hips instead of simply repairing the ravages of this disease.   

I ultimately did have to undergo surgery one more time after my hip collapsed on me while stepping off a stool.  Dr. Aaron heard about it and gave me a call, saying he could treat me with the cold laser on a different setting to help me heal quicker after the surgery.  I didn't know when my surgery would finish, but he said to just give him a call when I was released from the hospital.  It was his day off and he came into the office specifically to give me a treatment, all for $32!  Dr. Aaron has also worked with me on the Avatar system, and we're working together to get my chronic inflammation under control.  

I've dealt with so many doctors and health professionals in the past several years and I can't rate Dr. Aaron highly enough.  He's everything you'd want a doctor to be: kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, resourceful, open minded, accessible, affordable and funny.  If you happen to stumble on Alternative Chiropractic and for me, Dr. Aaron, you've landed in a very good place!  ~ Anonymous