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JOSH LAZAROFF, M.Ed., LMT, Licensed Brain Gym Consultant

Josh’s life work has revolved around his passion for understanding how people learn with their whole bodies and improving our education system based on this understanding. For over 15 years, Josh has worked with students, parents, educators, schools, and nonprofits building avenues for meaningful student and parent involvement in schools and communities. Josh completed his master’s degree in education from the University of Denver in 2004. During this time, Josh became licensed in Brain Gym® or educational kinesiology and Thai Yoga massage.

Josh has utilized movement-based education to help children and adults improve their focus, motivation, and academic and physical skills. Josh also worked with small and large groups to create dynamic and productive strategic planning sessions, focus groups, and collaborations. Josh believes that educational kinesiology is an avenues to understanding ourselves, which enables us to be truly self-directed in our learning and our lives.

In 2004, Josh traveled to Thailand to study Thai Massage with Master Pichest Boonthume. Pichest inspired Josh to begin a meditation practice, which has led to a deep connection to Tibetan Buddhism. Josh completed his massage certification at Denver Integrated Massage School in 2011, where they emphasized Thai Massage in addition to table massage. Josh brings his complete presence to his massage sessions. In addition to being meditative and relaxing, Josh’s massages are strong and effective. Married for over 10 years and a father of three, Josh enjoys being with his family (especially outdoors), basketball, yoga, and meditation.